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Mic Mac P.O.

Hants County, N.S.

June 4, 1976

Mr. Robert C. Levy
Nova Scotia Legal Aid
4 Cornwallis Street
Suite 103
Kentville, Nova Scotia

Dear Mr. Levy:

These are a number of things that I would like to know and want when you write to Ken Tilsen.

1. I want a copy of the first autopsy.

2. I want pictures that were taken when the body of my sister was found (Annie Mae Aquash).

3. How far back have they been able to trace her? I mean, when was she last seen?

4. Who was present at her burial after the first autopsy?

5. Who gave permission to have the body moved from one state to another?

6. What authority do the P.B.I. have to give permission to have the deceased's hands and fingers removed?

7. Who gave permission for her burial after the first autopsy?

8. Why couldn't they identify her (the F.B.I)? Pictures were taken of Annie Mae Aquash in November or September of 1975, when she was in jail. This I know because I have seen one on her covering at her funeral. She has a pair of handcuffs on at the time the picture was taken with another prisoner. Her name is Darlene Nichols according to the people in South Dakota at Oglala.

9. Is it true that Dr. W.O. Brown of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, is the same doctor that the F.B.I. get every time an Indian is found dead to perform an autopsy in that area?

10. Is it true that Annie Mae Aquash's body is the first to have a second autopsy n South Dakota in the past few years, especially in the area of Wounded Knee.

11. How many dead Indian bodies have been found these past few years in South Dakota with bullet wounds?

12. Who performed the above autopsies?

13. Have the Goon Squad been questioned about Annie Mae Aquash's death?

14. Why were the Goon Squad after Annie Mae?

15. Why were the F.B.I. really looking for Annie Mae Aquash?

16. What did Annie Mae Aquash find out that made her so afraid of the F.B.I. and Goon Squad in South Dakota? This is what I have been told when I went to her funeral in March, 1976. I don't know the people up there by names but they did tell us a few things.

17. Annie Mae never went near Wambler where her body was found.

18. She never went back to Rosebud Reservation since the F.B.I. were there some time last year.

19. That a priest and two F.B.I. men were only present at the funeral after the first autopsy.

20. I would like to know if its true that she was found in a plastic bag in two feet deep grave?

21. Were our lives in danger when we went to our sister's funeral? If so, by who? Because this seemed to be the reaction of the people in South Dakota at Oglala.

22. Were these persons present at the first autopsy? David Price and F.B.I. S/A Wood.

23. Where was Annie Mae Aquash at Xmas? Why didn't she call her family and her kids which she never missed doing? Also there was no Xmas card this past Christmas from her.

24. What was a helicopter doing flying over Oglala. at the day of Annie Mae Aquash's funeral on Sunday, March 14, 1976? It came over above the area where the body was resting and went away.

25. Is it true that Annie Mae Aquash wrote a will and that it was made in jail before she came out? If so, who has it and who is it for and why did she have to make it there?

26. What type of clothes was Annie Mae Aquash wearing when she was found? Is it true that it was a different type of clothing than what she was usually seen in. For instance, sneakers instead of the cowboy boots of leather, rather expensive type of clothes which she usually wore; suade jacket or rawhide type.

27. When some of her friends asked about what kind of clothes she was wearing at the time her body was found, is it true they got two different answers: 1. She had blue denim jacket, blue pants, and blue shoes; 2. Brown corduroy jacket, brown pants and brown shoes. Who gave these answers to her friends in Oglala?

28. Why are the Indians in Oglala so afraid of the F.B.I. and the Goon Squad?

29. Who were the men that wanted to kill her when she called me one night from Rosebud, South Dakota, when she said to me in Indian "these men that are in the woods all over this place want to kill me, if the F.B.I don't get me first"?

30. Can a phone number be traced in order to find out the date that she called? Because this one time she called, she left me a number to call back urgently. In a matter of maybe five or ten minutes, we could not get that number. But she did call again and I told her I tried to get her. She replied "we must have been cut off'. I marked both numbers down and kept them. I will give them to you (605) 348-4343 and (605) 342-7748. I don't remember exactly which was first that she left to call her with. Also there were other sounds of people talking in the background. She also made each call in Indian Language because she said the phones were tapped.

31. Have any charges been laid against those F.B.I. that busted in Rosebud reservation for theft for the things they stole from the Indians. These are the ones that Annie Mae Aquash talked about when she had an interview with Candy Hamilton of Oglala after she came out of jail in November 75.

32. Is it true she had a ring made for her and that it would be sent to a person in order to let the people know that she was in trouble? What kind of trouble was she in? Who made the ring? Who has it now? Did she send it or was it stolen from her?

33. What has her lawyer in Rapid City found out about her since her death? He took us to Ann's best friend but I forgot her name. But he knows her. he has a lot of papers I would like to have copies of, about the things Annie Mae Aquash got for the people up there. She said Annie Mae never took the credit for these by not signing them. But she knew that Annie Mae got them. The Lawyers name is Bruce Ellison, Rapid City. Also his phone is tapped.

34. Also, when she called me, Annie Mae Aquash said she would not run because whatever they blamed her for, she didn't do it and it would only make her look guilty, and that the women and children were in danger because the Goon Squad and F.B.I. didn't care who they shot and that nothing was being done about it.

35. She called up in March, 1975, sometime around the 8th or 9th and wanted a passport and birth certificate. I could only get a temporary passport. Was that stolen from her too? She said her other papers were stolen from her, and that's why she needed the one I got her.

36. Did she really have a small office in St. Paul, Minn.? This is the city she called from all the time except for the one call from Rosebud.

37. In the letter I got from her when she was in jail in November 19, 1975, she does not seem to indicate that she is going underground like the papers say. She wrote "call my lawyer alter November 24, 1975 to find out where they send me and how much time I get". This she expected even though it was her first time in jail. She writes because it's a racist state, she didn't want to go for trial there. Also she writes, 'I knew it would come sooner or later, my efforts to raise the conciousness of whites that are so against Indians here in the States was bound to be stopped by the F.B.I. sooner or later".

Rebecca Julian's first June 4, 1976 letter

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