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June 4, 1976

Dear Bob Levy,

I am sending this letter of questions hoping you will forward it to the people who sent me the other letters and Annie Mae's billfold.

I'm sorry I don't have much information to help you with. I used to be so glad to hear from Annie Mae that I never asked her any questions about herself. I just listened to her talk and answered her questions about her family and friends she wanted to hear about.

You might have to write it over, as my writing is not that good. If you need me call the Band Office or can dinner or after supper over Doris Maloney's House 758-3032, my neighbors, I don't have a phone.

Also I have been waiting for my sister Mary Lafford to call. She goes to school half a day. Maybe she is too busy to call or come down. I will give you her no. 386-2128. She lives near Antigonish, I think Heatherton exchange. She might know a few things I don't.

Also Boston Indian Council might be able to help to find out what type of person Annie Mae was. Their number 232-3860 is in Boston, Mass.

I want a copy of the Will she made in Rapid City if she did make one. Also a copy of the tape she made with Candy Hamilton, Oglala, South Dakota - 605-86-5561. Here are the phone numbers in her billfold, They might be of some help. I don't know who they are.

INCA - 747-5771 G.R. 822-4211

O.L.D. (Oglala Legal Defence) 867-5770

F. Smith (213) 771-6394 Home 650-5217 & 563-2747 (B.J.)

LaNada Bayer 303-444-2247

Zoulder [sic], Colorado 492-8223 or 4 or 303-447-8760

Council Bluffs 712-328-9406 office 322-9999 house


Rebecca Julian's second June 4, 1976 letter

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